Maxeed takes care of all your Solar Installation and Commissioning requirements, right from customized engineering and installation to post installation facility management and module cleaning. Our team of experts ensures quick and safe installations which improves power density and reduces the impact on operations.

Our Solar offering is as follows:

1. Module Storage

  • Receiving and unloading of modules with appropriate vehicles
  • Checking & Comparison of Modules with delivery note
  • Storage of Modules(Protection from Weather, theft, damage etc.)
  • Transport from storage site to point of installation

2. Structure for Modules

  • Preparation of soil/ground on site with all necessary works, like earth moving, digging, piling for foundation & structure
  • Delivery, installation and calibration of all necessary material
  • Installation of Modules on prepared structure

3. Service station

  • Delivery & installation of service stations for inverters, transformers, switchboards.
  • Internal wiring of stations

4. Security and Protection System

  • Delivery & Installation of fence
  • Delivery & Installation of security system as per customers requirement

5. Cabling

  • Installation & laying of DC main cables from connection boxes to main junction box and to inverters
  • Connection of modules

6. Electrical Installation

  • Connection of modules to strings
  • Installation of connection boxes to metal structures
  • Installation of main junction box in service station/inverter room
  • Delivery & Installation of cable coduits/cable channel with cover at metal structure

7. Earthing

  • Delivery, installation and connection for the earthing/grounding of equipments

8. Tranformers and Inverters

  • Installation of Transformers and Inverters after delivery at site from storage house
  • Connection(AC cabling) between Inverters and Transformers
  • Delivery & Installation of Low Voltage/Medium Voltage Metering & Protection system
  • Installation of Lightning arrestors