Maxeed provides telecom solutions for Operators & OEMs across India and covers Project & Maintenance activities in Mobile Communications – GSM/ CDMA/UMTS/VOICE & DATA like Surveys, I&C of BTSs, BSCs, MSCs M/W (PDH & SDH) etc. Our Solutions are backed by excellence in operations and maintenance along with audits and processes. By combining in-depth knowledge of regional issues and landscape, Maxeed stands tall as a strong partner in providing robust solutions to all major telecom players. Our model in the telecom sector takes responsibility and accountability of the functional deliverables which enable clients to increase the touch points with end users in the market, achieve SLAs, with reduced management efforts, gain cost and delivery efficiency.

Our services include:

  • Network Deployment
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • RF Planning & Optimization
  • EMF Audit
  • Site Audits & QA Process


Our aim is to provide end-to-end telecom network deployment solutions which are designed to make telecom projects more efficient and cost effective. This ensures high-capacity bandwidth which boosts performance.

We offer a slew of services such as:
Installation & commissioning of BTS, BSC, MSC, M/W & other VAS elements

  • Core Network Integration
  • Packet Network Integration
  • Integration of VAS elements
  • Installation and Commissioning of SDH and PDH links


We help our customers transform their operations by matching our solutions and services to their business needs. With our experience to bring best practices in various areas of operations, we help in establishing standardized processes, unified systems, and aligned resources across all functions.

Our O&M offerings are:

  • Monitoring OMCs covering all BSS, NSS and Transmission elements
  • Alarm monitoring and fault management tasks
  • Configuration management and Performance tracking
  • First level customer technical support
  • First line field maintenance activities
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance tasks
  • Supervising project implementations
  • Quality control tasks and logistics support


Our audit services bring great value and help telecom companies to transform their operations from cost reduction to value creation. Given the background of exponentially growing data and voice segments, we are fully equipped to join hands with telecom companies to transform their operations and respond to the fast changing telecom market.

Our Services include:

  • RF Drive Test & Cluster Optimization
  • Narrowband & Broadband Test
  • Hardware Audit & Performance Audit
  • Benchmarking Services
  • Process & Practice Audit
  • Site Quality Audit


RF Engineering Services

  • Single Cell Function Test (SCFT)
  • Network Optimization
  • Cluster Optimization
  • Drive Test

EMF Services

  • Compliance measurements for sites and workers
  • RF management plans for buildings
  • Identify RF restricted Areas where over exposure can occur

Niche Services:

  • NSS/ BSS System Engineering
  • BSC – MSC homing
  • Micro Wave
  • Site Survey
  • Path Survey
  • Material Management (Start from MRN to Material receiving at site)
  • Installation and Commissioning of M/W
  • BER testing ( Stability testing for 6 hours)
  • AT (Acceptance Testing with MS or MSP)
  • AT documents submission
  • BTS – BSC homing
  • Transmission Planning
  • BSC Connectivity (OMCR – TCU – PCUSN)
  • Database Engineering
  • Creation of RSL. MTL, XBL, OML
  • Creation of BSC / XCDR
  • Creation of Cell / BTS – CIDs. TRXs, neighbour list etc.
  • Integration of cell sites from OMCR